About me

I have always been obsessed with music and sound, and I wanted to be a Sound Healer before I even knew it existed!

My mother and grandmother are both healers, and I have often woken up surrounded in beautiful music, and I have quite regularly heard hypnotic music in my dreams. I think the universe was showing me my path right from the start.

I am so fortunate to have an incredible selection of sound healing instruments in my life. I find my gong really grounding, and it really brings me into the present and helps me to focus. My Tibetan bowls for getting in touch with something deep and knowing within me, and my 432hs crystal bowls for pure calm and bliss.

Sound healing is amazing for mental and physical wellbeing and aims to balance the whole body for optimal health. A sound healing session helps to shift old and unwanted energies in the body, and really helps a person to make positive changes in their life and move forward. It can be quite the powerful manifester!

Sound healing is astounding, a game changer for some, and it is my deep passion. I feel so fortunate to do what I do.