One to One Sound Healing

I offer individual sound healing sessions, which are bespoke to exactly what your body needs. I take an energy reading of your body at the beginning of the session, and play the sound that your body needs to hear in order for you to shift unwanted energy, heal and move forward.

At the end of your sound healing session, I re dowse your body, to ensure you are in perfect harmony and balance mentally and physically.

I really can’t recommend this treatment enough, it can be very powerful and quite life changing, as well as leaving you in a state of total inner calm and deep peace.

To make an appointment, please contact me at

I am available for 1:1 bespoke sound healing sessions, sound baths and private events.

Price is £70 for a bespoke one to one sound healing session. Please allow 1hr and 15 mins for your session.

Sound Healer Muswell Hill

I am in based in the heart of Muswell Hill

Address: 56 Muswell Hill, N10 3ST

Raise your vibration, clear energetic blocks, feel better mentally and physically. Immerse yourself in the healing power of sound.