“Outstanding deep relaxation – like having a 3 day spa experience! I’ve had LOTS of massages, reflexology, acupuncture and even cognitive hypnotherapy to help with stress and tension from everyday living and work. But nothing gave me the same deep levels of relaxation that this treatment did in just one 1 hour session. I was gobsmacked. Estelle has proposed 3 sessions in total to really get down deeper in to some deep seated tension….and I cannot wait to experience how I will feel at the end of this.”

Lindsay Parry

I just had to share how amazing sound healing and Estelle are! I have had one on one sessions with Estelle in her lovely studio in MH. These were totally tailored to me, Estelle really took the time to understand me and my needs to ensure I had the most relaxing, healing and restorative sessions. Sound healing is so beautiful. I have also done the Sound Healing Bath session that Estelle holds regularly. This was the same principal of healing and nurturing sounds in a calm space. The difference was sharing this wonderful experience with 19 others also looking to unwind and repair.

Poppy McNicholas

I went to see Estelle as some trusted friends had really recommended her and the treatment. Slightly apprehensive, sceptical about what is this sound healing – people making different sounds and how on earth is that meant to be a treatment?! So I booked with an open mind BUT hopefully wanted to remove some energy blockages, gain some clarity and inner strength.

First, Estelle makes you feel so at ease, and has just this wonderful calming aura about her. It was hard to articulate why I was there and what I ideally wanted from the treatment, but it’s almost like Estelle really knows why you’re there and her natural intuition helped bring clarity to what I wanted.

During the treatment she literally explains every single detail, before the treatment and during so you know exactly what is going to happen next. She is so gentle, kind and caring I felt in such safe hands throughout.

The result.. well at first I couldn’t believe the renewed energy I suddenly had and how positive I felt. Subsequently I was quite tired over the next few days and wanted to sleep – presuming my body wanted to heal something. Now I just feel a sense of calm and optimism.

Estelle absolutely loves what she does and therefore she wants you to as well. Her passion, expertise and knowledge behind the healing affects is incredible and I am in awe of this incredible treatment and why it’s almost a hidden gem. It’s proven and it works. I will most definitely book again and truly urge you try it too…

Amanda Pitt

What a beautiful experience! The power of the unique blend of sounds Estelle created for me left me in such a pure and centred place it is hard to find words to express how I felt when I left. I found Estelle to be very authentic and connected, and as a result we were able to go to a very deep place together. It will be my pleasure to return 🙂

Natasha Springer

What an incredible and magical experience. I have never felt so relaxed. Estelle was extremely welcoming and put me at ease immediately. After the sound healing, I felt lighter and floated out of the studio, I slept incredibly well and felt a sense of calm. I will be booking another session next week.

I also took my 4 year old for treatment and Estelle engaged with my little one and made the experience so much fun for her.

I highly recommend Estelle.

Camila Pimentel

Estelle’s sound healing sessions have helped me find deep, inner relaxation. After each session I have slept so well and my body felt totally balanced. I highly recommend her sessions.

N Wilton

I hadn’t ever experienced sound healing prior to my first appointment with Estelle, but it will definitely not be my last appointment. Estelle was so welcoming and talked me through how the treatment would work, what we’d be focusing on. During the session I totally lost track of time and was so relaxed, despite having a really stressful and busy day the session completely unlocked the tension in my jaw and my shoulders must’ve dropped by a good 2 inches. After the session I felt like the combination of having just woken up from a long nap and my muscles feeling like I’d had a massage! The sense of calm & relaxation carried on for the next few days which was brilliant! Definitely something I’m going to add to the self care arsenal – can’t wait for my next session! Really highly recommend!

Emily Beecher

I feel so much better after my wonderful sound healing session with Estelle. She was able to work on the health issues I have been having, and I was pretty blown away by the effectiveness of this treatment. It is such a beautiful experience, but also so powerful.

Amber Branch

Soothing and tailored to meet what I needed in the moment. Estelle is really passionate and intuitive. Highly recommend this wonderful healing experience!

Claire Avant

I was recommended sound healing for my debilitating migraines, and I also am desperate to stop taking medication for them all the time. I have been to Estelle for 2 sound sessions so far, and the results have been astounding. It almost feels like a heavy helmet has been taken off my head, and my mind is so much clearer and calmer. The sound healing sessions were such a relief in terms of the tension in my head, and they were so deeply relaxing and enjoyable, I lost all track of time. The positive effects have just continued, and I haven’t had any migraines since, not even a mild headache, which has made a huge impact on my day to day life. Thank you Estelle!

Helen Chandler

Thank you Estelle 😊 for an amazing sound healing experience on Saturday. It is amazing how the sounds traveled through my body, i felt myself moving it was mesmerising and so peaceful at the same time!

Laura Heard

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