Sound Baths

Sound Bath with Reiki

Join us at the beautiful and spacious hall at Peter Le Poer Church in Muswell Hill on Saturdays once a month for a deep healing sound bath infused with divine reiki healing.

sound healer muswell hill

Lay down and deeply relax to the healing sounds of the gong, Tibetan bowls and 432hz magical crystal bowls. Whilst you lay in bliss, you will receive light hands on reiki healing if you so wish.

This divine experience will leave you feeling deeply relaxed, and will work to rebalance your body and mind for optimal health and a deep sense of wellbeing.

We will be offering tea afterwards in order for you to further absorb your experience and allow the healing to continue if you would like to stay.

Immersing yourself in the healing power of sound and reiki will reset and rebalance you mentally and physically, with the aim to bring about long term healing.

Saturday 24th Sept – 4pm to 5.30pm – For tickets click here

Saturday 15th Oct – 4pm to 5.30pm – For tickets click here

Saturday 12th Nov – 4pm to 5.30pm – For tickets click here

One to One Bespoke Sound Healing

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Available for 1 to 1 healing sessions, sound baths and events

Come and experience the incredible healing powers of sound today. Balance, heal and raise your vibration, you will never look back!