About me

I have always been obsessed with music and sound, and I wanted to be a Sound Healer before I even knew it existed.

My mother and grandmother are both healers, and I have often woken up surrounded in beautiful music, and I have quite regularly heard hypnotic music in my dreams. I think the universe was showing me my path right from the start.

I am so fortunate to have an incredible selection of sound healing instruments in my life. I find my gong really grounding, and it really brings me into the present and helps me to focus. My Tibetan bowls for getting in touch with something deeper and knowing within me, and my 432 Hz crystal bowls for pure calm and bliss.

My greatest passion is for us to take back our personal power, our sovereignty; and for us to relearn and reintegrate our ancient knowledge, which still lays deep inside of us and remains on our beautiful planet today, waiting for us to reclaim it when we are ready.

From the Aborigines, the Ancient Egyptians, Pythagoras in Ancient Greece to the Tibetan Monks, most ancient cultures have used sound to heal.

Temple of Hathor at Dendera, Egypt. There are sound healing hieroglyphics on the walls, and a sound healing chamber deep inside.

This powerful method of healing had almost but disappeared in the West until the 1930s, when acoustic researchers discovered ultrasound, which is known to reduce inflammation and pain, and heal injuries and wounds just for starters.

Sound healing raises your vibration, clears energetic blockages for optimal health, and just makes you feel so much better mentally and physically.

I work on an individual basis, and also in the community with all age groups, and it is my greatest honour to see people experiencing deep calm and healing from the power of sound.

Sound healing is astounding, a game changer for some, and it is my deep passion. I feel so fortunate to do what I do.

You can read more about me here My Spiritual Journey – Excerpt from ‘Practical Spirituality – A Guide’ by Anthony Oyo – The London Sound Healer