Sound healing for kids in the local community

Free Sound Meditation Workshops to all children who live or go to school in Barnet – Ages 8-16yrs, yippee!!

Here are the details of our amazing Sound Meditation classes for children who go to school or live in the London Borough of Barnet, which are taking place in East Finchley, north London.

These workshops are totally free and are being funded by the London Borough of Barnet for local kids in the local area. It is an incredible initiative, and the council are really behind supporting children’s wellbeing throughout the borough.  

Please forward this information onto anyone who you think would greatly benefit from these workshops, also teachers in the local area, and school counsellors for example.

Why are sound healing and meditation so effective for kids?

Meditation and sound healing are both ancient disciplines. Sound healing aims to rebalance the entire body and bring about a sense of deep calm, whilst meditation empowers children to manage their mental health and provides them with coping mechanisms for obstacles and issues they may encounter. Glasshouse Events have teamed up with Barnet Council and will be delivering sessions every other Thursday after school, throughout 2023 and 2024 at Finchley Youth Theatre, High Street, East Finchley.

What can the children expect during the workshop?

• A 1 hour guided stretching, sound and meditation session for 8-11 yr olds and 12+
• To give the children an opportunity to pause, breath and explore their imagination.
• A fun, multisensory, and interactive experience

What do we want to achieve?

• To increase confidence and self-esteem
• To improve memory and concentration
• To bring about feelings of calm and inner peace
• To help children with learning difficulties manage their emotions and feel calmer
• To encourage and teach children to meditate so they can feel less stressed before
exams and whilst completing school projects and assignments.

How will your child benefit?

• The children will leave sessions with tips and techniques to maintain their sense of
calm and inner peace
• The children may experience enhanced learning, concentration, and creativity
• Children gain a sense of sharing and bonding within the group, which may enhance
and develop friendships
• To enhance the physical and mental wellbeing of the children.

To book please go to:-
8-11 yrs
Barnet Youth – Child and Family Early Help Service -Sound and Meditation Workshop 8 to 11 years
12 yrs +
Barnet Youth – Child and Family Early Help Service -Sound and Meditation Workshop 12 to 16 years

For further information contact me at

I am available for 1 to 1 healing sessions, sound baths and events and one of my deepest joys is helping children to benefit from and discover the power of sound healing. It is such a calming and self-empowering tool for them.

Come and experience the incredible healing powers of sound today. Balance, heal and raise your vibration, you will never look back!