Host a Company Sound Bath for your Team

Many companies and organisations are now running sound baths at the end of a workday or during lunch breaks to support the wellbeing and mental health of their staff. I work with a wide variety of organisations in the public and private sector, and I am happy to adapt to the needs of your team, business and goals.

Team sound bath

Sound healing is proven to increase focus and clarity, and to help manage stress on an ongoing basis. A sound bath is also a hugely bonding and enjoyable experience for the whole team.

Sound healing restores and rebalances us, enabling inner stillness, total relaxation with the potential for deep healing.

Mental health support for team members

During a company sound bath, everyone will lay down and deeply relax to the healing sounds of the gong, Tibetan bowls, 432hz crystal bowls and kochi chimes.

I will briefly explain how sound healing works at the beginning of your team sound bath, and then gently bring you into a deeply restful state before your sound journey begins. I will also be on hand before and after to answer any questions or queries that you may have.

What to bring

Please bring with you a yoga mat and blanket, and a pillow and eye mask if you so wish. The most important thing is that you are super comfortable, so please bring anything that you know that will make you relaxed and comfortable during the sound bath. If there is anyone uncomfortable laying down due to back problems for example, you are also welcome to sit in a chair.

For any questions regarding the sound bath, please email me at

I really look forward to meeting you all!


A 1 hour sound bath post work day or during lunch break.

Recommended class size 20 to 30 people depending on room size.

Company Sound Bath