My Spiritual Journey – Excerpt from ‘Practical Spirituality – A Guide’ by Anthony Oyo

Written in 2020 for Anthony’s incredible book, and I am most honoured to be featured. The chapter I am included in focuses on tuning into your life’s purpose. Here are the questions he asked…

Describe your Spirituality

My spirituality is a deep love and respect for all living things on our planet. It is a deep understanding and ongoing investigation into who I truly am. For me, it is about deciphering why I am here, and what I am I here to do. How can I leave the world a better place?

My spirituality is a constant journey of the soul, that will never end. It is about tuning into my inner knowing and finding the best methods for me to access this. This deep knowing brings me great purpose and peace, I am not sure where I would be without it. Very lost I imagine.

I have a name, a life, an identity; but I know I am, and we are all are, so much more than these facts, and what is directly in front of us. Spirituality is about opening our eyes and our minds, it is about embracing love, kindness, and forgiveness, and journeying back to who we truly are.

As babies, we were all born divine, and that divine soul is still there within us waiting to be rediscovered and rebirthed.   

What is your earliest memory of Spiritual Awakening?

I have had many psychic experiences throughout my life, and was always taught to tune into that and listen to my intuition from a young age.  My family are all deeply spiritual, and I was even named after a Psychic that my Grandmother and Aunt had visited. My Mother and Grandmother are Spiritual Healers, and my Dad is deeply intuitive and psychic.

Our house was always full of esoteric books and lively discussions. Everyone in my family is very open minded, and discussions on Atlantis, what really laid beneath The Sphinx, Inner Earth, Psychic phenomena, ancient hidden history and working with energy etc. etc. were all part of daily life alongside more day-to-day discussions. In fact, when I go to my parents’ house now, I am pretty blown away by the selection of esoteric and mystical books they have owned for decades, and some even inherited from my grandparents and other family members.

My Mum studied Astrology for many years to a very deep level when I was growing up, so having planetary discussions was also part of the norm. We would often attend Mind, Body, Spirit events, and I still have the beautiful crystals and tarot cards that my Mum bought for me when I was young.

How did you feel? What Challenges did you face?

My spirituality and faith have always been something that gave me great strength and got me through difficult times. Growing up in London, lots of my friends had similar interests, and we would spend our weekends in our teens looking at esoteric books and buying crystals in Mysteries in Covent Garden, which was a new age Aladdin’s cave, or having card readings in Camden Town. This was all fun, and it bonded us together.

I have always been an avid reader, and it was around this time that my Mum bought me a book by Shakti Gawain called ‘Creative Visualization’. This was pretty much a precursor to many mainstream books now such as ‘The Secret’. Through this book, I learned about visualisation, manifestation, and about using mantras. In fact, the mantra that I started using at this time, I still use to this day, it has helped me so much in challenging times.

Another book that deeply moved me was a Buddhist book on Vegetarianism that I was given in the street by a Buddhist Monk when I was at university. I remember going home, sitting on my bed and I read the whole book in one day, and I cried and cried.

I had always been unable to eat meat and fish, as it just seemed so wrong to me to be eating a living creature. The book covered in depth the economic and environmental reasons, in addition to the humane reasons for not eating a living being. This really made me see the world in a different light, and how certain living beings are treated. It made me deeply sad.

What happened next?

I have carried on with my studies and interests at a deep level all my life, but there have been times when I have diverged, and got caught up in the hamster wheel of life.

School, University and then setting out on the corporate ladder were all big distractions to my spirituality, although they have also proved vital in my life experience and learning.

In my early thirties, I had a senior Marketing role, and on paper it looked like I was doing great. I had wonderful friends and family, I was married and had a lovely home with a great career. In practice, I was working exhausting long hours, and weekends, I had no energy to see any of my friends as I was so burnt out, and I was utterly depleted by the negative politics in the company in which I was working. I also realised that whatever I earnt was irrelevant, as I always managed to spend what I earned, it was all relative.

It was at this point I realised I was a slave, a complete slave to the system, and I just did not want to be part of it anymore. What was the point of my life if this is all I was going to do? Who was I helping? No-one, and certainly not myself either.

I handed in my notice, and felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I could start being me again.

A Key Moment?

A few years ago, I decided that I really needed to tune into my life’s purpose. I wanted to help the planet and lead a good and meaningful life. How was I to do that?

I had been reading the books ‘Journey of Souls’, and ‘Destiny of Souls’ by Dr Michael Newton. As opposed to just being books on regression, Dr Michael Newton’s work regressed subjects to a soul level, to help the souls understand why they were choosing their lives, and what were their purposes. These books really expanded my thinking to a soul level, and I was able to view myself from a different perspective.

I found a Hypnotherapist who had been trained by Dr Michael Newton himself, who specialised in Life between Lives regression. On the first of two sessions, I was asked to be shown my life on earth that has been most relevant to my life now. I was a Shaman in Central America, and I saw and felt every detail of that life, from where I lived and worked with plants, to how I felt and helped the local community. I felt deep contentment in that life.

Most importantly, I clearly saw my purpose in this life, and why I had chosen to incarnate again at this time.

Music has always been a deep passion of mine, and for many years I had been dreaming, and sometimes waking up surrounded by the most beautiful music I had ever heard. Once when I was unwell, I woke up with the singing of what sounded like angels, and the most beautiful chandelier I had ever seen hanging above me. It remained with me for many minutes, and it was a divine experience I will never forget. I always felt instinctively that my destiny and what I should be doing was to do with music, sound, energy and healing.

My life between lives regression, clearly showed this path. There was no looking back from this, and my training as a Sound Healer, in Shamanism and as a Reiki Master has been transformational. We are vibrational beings, and we have the power to transform and heal with sound. It also allows us to attune to our higher self and feel connected to ourselves and others at a profound level.

What does your spiritual Day/Week look like Now?

Meditation and gratitude are an important part of my day. I tend to meditate upon waking and practice gratitude at the end of the day. I also ask my children three things that they have had gratitude for in their day. This process is scientifically proven to raise a person’s vibration, and I love doing this with my children as I often learn something about their day that may have never come up in conversation.

I ground and try to connect with source energy throughout the day, almost like a reset. I imagine my feet growing like roots of a tree into Mother Earth, and I also envisage my crown chakra opening and connecting with my higher self, as though I am in a pillar of light, connected to the universe.

I check in with spirit as much as I can, and I always ask for help when needed. This may mean asking for protection if I am going on a journey, or if I am encountering a difficult situation. I have a power animal, who is always there for me to ask for help when I need her.

I always listen to my intuition closely, and if I have a specific question or worry, I shamanically journey. This involves drumming between 4 to 7 beats per second, to bring the brain into theta state. This takes me to another realm of consciousness, where I am able to see a situation, often from a different perspective, and gain guidance and help.

And how do you feel now?

We are in a time of great change and new understandings. Hidden histories and ancient knowledge are now being revealed, leaving us to question our past beliefs and perceptions. We also now have a much greater awareness of quantum physics, which allows us to perceive our reality in a new and different way, helping us to understand our own power to heal, our link to every living being, and how we can create our own reality.

I feel like we live in quite a different time to the one I grew up in. Remaining in touch with your inner self and spirituality, feels more vital than ever. There are so many agendas and polarising views playing out in the world today, that staying true to ourselves is key without any judgement of others.

At this time, we are being regifted our forgotten and hidden knowledge by indigenous cultures, but we forget that we were all once indigenous. I have a strong Celtic lineage on both sides of my family, and I can almost feel those ancestors calling me, I carry them in my DNA after all, and they feel so close. I want to relearn what knowledge was denied and hidden from me. Sound healing and shamanism is the ancient path I travel to rediscover my roots.

What have you learned about your Practical Spirituality, and the Human Experience?

Always listen to your intuition, you are the only one who truly knows what is right for you. Tuning into your higher self, whether that be through meditation, healing, quiet contemplation, spending time in nature, or whatever is best for you.

Ask spirit to help, you are not alone and there is always help and guidance available. Often if I have a burning question, I will ask for guidance before bed. The answer to this will usually come to me in my dreams or by morning.

Maintain your boundaries. We are all on different paths, with different purposes, challenges, and situations. Always do what is right for you, not because someone else told you to. Keep your vibration high and protect yourself from any energies or people that do not feel comfortable for you.

Always return to centre and ground. It is so easy to get swept up in our emotions and situations, but just remember that is just what they are, nothing else. Tune into your higher self, it will often give you a quite different perspective on a situation.

Never stop learning and growing. I think it is important to remember that the more you know, the less you know. Life is a continuous lesson, and I will never stop learning and growing.

Celebrate your life and that of others, be happy. We are so blessed to be living on this beautiful planet at this pivotal time in our history. We can make a difference.





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